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Welcome to the inaugural Oslo Tech Show, the premier event for innovation and cutting-edge technology. Join visionaries and top companies to explore the future of Hi-Tech in Norway. Network with experts, experience live demos, and discover groundbreaking trends. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast, business leader, or startup entrepreneur, the Oslo Tech Show is your gateway to the latest technological advancements. You can’t afford to miss this!

Join us for an exclusive glimpse into the future of technology. Oslo Tech Show is your gateway to the trends and innovations that will shape our world for years to come.

Oslo Tech Show 2025 – The Future is Now!

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Amanda Brock


Open Source

Christian Hauglie-Hanssen

Director General

Norwegian Space Agency

Steinar Thomsen

Director PNT, Satecom and Security

Norwegian Space Agency

Tom Einar Nyberg

Title: Partner, Head of Data, AI & Emerging Technology


Victoria de Posson

Secretary General

European Tech Alliance

Hege Svendsen



Karoliina Kettukar

Head of Modern work

Meltlake, Finland

Amanda Sterner

Technical Architect

Modern Work

Keynote Speaker - Amanda Brock

A lawyer of 25 years’ experience, she previously chaired the Open Source and IP Advisory Group of the United Nations Technology Innovation Labs; sat on the OASIS Open Projects, Initiative; was a Member of the British Computer Society Inaugural Influence Board; and of the UK Government Energy Sector Digitalisation Task Force Advisory Board; as well as being an elected Board Member of the Open Source Initiative. Formerly General Counsel of Canonical for 5 years from 2008 she set up and ran their legal function and has been part of the open source community since.

Amanda Brock


Keynote Speaker - Victoria de Posson

Victoria de Posson is the Secretary General of the European Tech Alliance (EUTA), a role she has held since September 2022. Victoria leads the EUTA’s policy and advocacy efforts, striving to promote European tech innovation, investments, and competitiveness. She is also responsible for the organisation’s day-to-day operations, guiding the Alliance’s strategic direction to ensure it remains at the forefront of the digital policy landscape in Europe.

Victoria de Posson

Secretary General

Complete meeting place with everything extra


Discover the future of technology! Join some of the world’s leading pioneers as they showcase groundbreaking innovations, game-changing products, and visionary services. Connect, explore, and witness the tech revolution shaping our world.

Open stages

Explore our three dynamic open stages, where expert speakers unveil the latest trends, insightful analyses, live demos, and groundbreaking products. Engage with industry peers, exchange valuable experiences, and leave inspired with fresh ideas to drive your success.

Morning seminars

Kickstart your exhibition experience with a high-impact morning seminar. On both days our keynote speakers will ignite your imagination with the latest advancements in technology, from groundbreaking AI innovations to revolutionary cloud solutions and the future of mobile communication.

Start-Up areas

Immerse yourself in a hub of groundbreaking innovations and visionary ideas. This is where leading pioneers and cutting-edge companies unite to shape the future of business opportunities.


Here, leading brands come together to explore opportunities in business development and new technical challenges. Join us and experience how exciting solutions emerge during a dynamic Hackathon/Business Sprint. Take part in innovative solutions, creative thinking, and network with industry experts.

After Party

After the first day of the event, join us for an electrifying after-party. Forge new connections while enjoying lively award ceremonies, delicious snacks, and live performances. Be part of the excitement and make lasting memories.

6 Shows – 1 Event

Oslo Tech Show consists of six events that together create a complete meeting place driving technological advancement forward.

The Future is Now!

AI & Big Data

Welcome to Norway’s ultimate destination for AI & Big Data. Discover cutting-edge strategies and innovative methods that unveil the true power of AI & Big Data. This is your exclusive opportunity to explore how these technologies can drive extraordinary achievements and shape the future.

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Datacentre Expo

Norway’s leading event for digital infrastructure. Discover cutting-edge strategies to streamline, manage, and deliver vital business data and cloud solutions globally. Join us to drive innovation and power the future of the digital economy.

Read more

Cloud Expo

Norway’s leading meeting place for next-generation cloud services. A whole world of discussions and developments around cloud, as well as the effects cloud and cloud services have on all industries including government, energy, financial services, healthcare and many more.

Read more

Cyber Security & Cloud

Norway’s premier hub for next-generation cyber and IT security. Dive into extensive discussions and developments on data security and the impact of digitization on the entire IT infrastructure.

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DevOps Expo

DevOps Expo brings together thousands of cloud innovators, developers and business leaders to help them shape their future IT operations. Here, entirely new opportunities are created to tackle transformation and deliver a high-performance IT environment, as well as adapt to the ever-changing DevOps landscape.

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Mobile is a meeting place where experts and decision-makers come together to share experiences from successful deliveries of mobile solutions, projects, and stay updated with the latest technology and regulatory changes. Dive into everything within applications, digital communication networks, FinTech, internet-enabled devices, OpenNet, Reality+, 5G and 6G acceleration, and IoT.

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Oslo Tech Show 2025 – A new comprehensive Hi-Tech event is launched in Oslo


Norway’s continued and successful growth within the hi-tec industry has today resulted in the launch of the Oslo Tech Show 2025. This event is focused on the future of technology, designed to empower attendees with the latest innovations that can drive business growth. Hear from industry experts, participate in hands-on workshops, and explore live demonstrations of cutting-edge tech products.

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